Will letting a consultant into your world be beneficial for your practice? Strong Practice Strategies isn't a fit for every firm, but it might be right for yours.

"Starting up a practice is scary and exhausting. Thank you for your invaluable insights. Now I have the confidence I need to take my firm to the next level.”
Founding Principal, Start-up architecture firm, Winnipeg Manitoba.

"Our work together over the past year has made my firm much more profitable! Best investment I’ve made in my practice for quite a while. Thank you so much Rick!"
Architecture firm, Managing Principal, Vancouver B.C. 

“Rick, what we’ve done together feels really good. I am super happy we’ve been able to distill down what our firm is and what it does best. This is difficult to do from the inside as you can imagine. Thank you for the patience and prodding!”
Architecture firm, Managing Principal, Winnipeg, Manitoba



E: rick.linley@strongpracticestrategies.com
Home Base: Winnipeg, Manitoba


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