Is your practice too big? - too small? Once you’ve absorbed the lessons in Scoreboard Your Practice you’ll want to determine the size that’s juuust right for your firm. If you email me your receipt for the Scoreboard book and sign-up below, I’ll send you a free eBook called Goldilocks Your Firm: Right Size Your Design Practice, along with a nifty 'Goldilocks' scenario planning spreadsheet.




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Strong Practice

Self Assessment

Still wondering if the Strong Practice approach is a good fit for your firm?

"The Practice Strength Assessment revealed the need to be more proactive in running my evolving practice. It also gave me a path to consider for moving forward."
New Brunswick Architect

Contact me if you’d like to receive this 20 question self assessment to reveal the general strength of your firm and inform decisions regarding how to make your practice stronger.



Current Deltek Data Summary

For a current overview of relevant Deltek data contact me and I'll send you a summary including historical data. For the latest survey you can go to "Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study."